Pickup Friday, Return Monday, Pay only 1 day Hire!!!
Pickup Friday, Return Monday,
Pay only 1 day Hire!!!

Ride on Vacuum Sweeper

Hire our Ride on Vacuum Sweeper

Perfect for the efficient cleaning of medium-sized industrial premises.

Ride-on Vacuum Sweeper – Dust-free sweeping. Extremely economical. Whilst comfortably seated for  Indoors and outdoors

SOME GREAT FEATURES: Powered by Battery (E),  Sweep a width of  950mm – 12000mm, Extremely Manoeuvrable – ergonomically designed, Theoretical Coverage rate – up to 5700sqm/hr

Ride on Vacuum Sweeper

  • Ride on Vacuum Sweeper

    2 x 30 Litre Bins

You can hire the sweeper and do the job yourself or to make it even easier we can come to your yard/workshop and do the sweep for you.

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  • Powered by Battery (E)
  • Sweep a width of 950mm – 12000mm
  • Extremely Manoeuvrable – ergonomically designed
  • Theoretical Coverage rate – up to 5700sqm/hr3 M2
  • Filtration – 99% degree of Separation
  • Hopper capacity –  2 x 30 litres bins
  • No tool brush change
  • Adjustable driver’s sea