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Southside Enterprises Managing Director JJ Stephens today took delivery of a brand new Kobelco SK135SR 13.5 tonne machine from LiftRite Hire & Sales which will be ready for dry or wet hire projects in Western Australia.

The new unit takes the Bibra Lake based Southside fleet to a significant 22 Kobelco machines with JJ saying this unit is destined for a couple of weeks on short term before taking on a long term contract. The Southside Excavating & Earthmoving Equipment hire business has grown from ground up in a short 4 years to be a high-quality service player in the WA earthmoving equipment hire market. JJ’s ethos of making sure that his customers are serviced promptly and professionally with the best equipment is seeing the company in good stead and a recipe for continued success and growth.


The 13 tonne excavator market is the one of the largest market segments by volume ensuring that it’s strongly contested by many brands and of course highly competitive. The Kobelco SK135SR offers a strong blend of engineering excellence, build quality and cost effective operation putting it well at the top of the list of many buyers. The class leading 3 year 3000 hour plus 4 year 6000 hour EPT warranties coupled with 21% fuel saving Eco Mode are the icing on the cake ensuring owners keep the hard-earned dollars in their pockets.

If you are in need of excavating and earthmoving equipment hire, with great product and support from 1.0 tonne upwards, give us a call today and see if Southside has what you need.

Southside is located just off the Kwinana Highway on Cutler Road. Southside Equipment Hire will be open weekdays from 7am to 5pm providing a full range of products to hire from DIY tools for the weekend up to major construction equipment for large sites and projects.

To make your job easy, contact us today!

Branch Details:
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 7am – 5pm  (Occasional Weekends)
Phone number: 08 9417 2553
Address: 3 Morse Rd, Bibra Lake WA 6163

One call for all your hire needs right here in Perth Western Australia!

For further information on all your project hire needs, please contact us.

Southside’s core business is to provide excavation equipment hire services in Western Australia. We are located south of the river in Kwinana. 

We hire equipment wet (with an operator) on an hourly basis or dry (without an operator) on a daily, short term or long-term basis.

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3 Morse Rd, Bibra Lake WA 6163

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