Pickup Friday, Return Monday, Pay only 1 day Hire!!!
Pickup Friday, Return Monday,
Pay only 1 day Hire!!!


Important Notice

The information displayed on and referred to in the Southside Enterprises Pty Ltd ®website has been produced for your convenience and with intentions of assisting you with any enquires you may have about our goods and services. We encourage you to utilise the information provided on this website but please note the following:

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Equipment Availability

  • Some equipment items are only available in WA at this stage.
  • Bookings on the website are not confirmed bookings. A staff member from our office will need to call you and confirm your equipment is booked before you go to pick up the equipment. Please be aware, if you make a booking on the website and you have not had a staff member call you and book this in at the office, then your equipment may not be available when you arrive.

Website Images

Images are taken to portray the equipment in application. Often equipment images may include more than one equipment item to display its correct use on the job. NOT all equipment in the photo is included in the hire rate as a package. If all equipment in the photo is required these are charged as separate items.

Price Differences

  • Southside Enterprises Pty Ltd has taken all reasonable care to try and create a system which provides accurate information on the website, however prices displayed on the website may vary from time to time to the prices at the office. Please ensure you contact our office when an exact quotation is required. Exact prices will be quoted by our staff at the time of booking confirmation. Quotations can be emailed.
  • Southside Enterprises Pty Ltd prices are updated on a regular basis to ensure we remain competitive and always offer you the best possible price. Website prices may sometimes take 1 to 2 weeks longer to update therefore please always refer back to our office for correct pricing.